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    Identity Management includes facets of security, user account management and more. We have hands-on experience with many technologies, including Active Directory Federation Services, workflow services, Forefront Identity Manager and 3rd party solutions. We have helped our clients acheive a significant return on investment where larger organizations have failed.

    Forefront Identity Manager
    Multiple clients have leveraged our experience with Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 and Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to integrate and synchronize disparate identity information. We have integrated Human Resource systems, including SAP and Lawson, directory servers like Active Directory, AD LS (ADAM) and Sun One (formerly iPlanet), and database management systems like SQL Server and Oracle. We can leverage our relationships with other vendors to deliver a solution appropriate for your organization.
    Directory-Aware Applications
    Our strategy for building directory-aware applications is to create a set of shared services to minimize developer effort and to ensure directory best practices are implemented. This is a proven approach that we have employed in the largest and most secure enterprise environments.